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Step into the world of Shutize. We're passionate about improving your sleep quality! As pioneers in the field of sleep solutions, we offer an extensive selection of durable medical equipment, including top-of-the-line CPAP machines and innovative home sleep testing devices. Say farewell to restless nights and cumbersome wires, as we bring you comfort and convenience right to your own bed. Discover the transformative power of our sleep products and embark on a journey towards revitalized sleep and brighter mornings. With Shutize.com rest assured, because a blissful night sleep awaits!

Eliminating Sleep

Our mission is to make the path to improved sleep all about comfort. That's why we strive to simplify the sleep apnea journey, reducing complications and allowing you to reclaim your sleep sooner.

Test For Sleep Apnea At Home
Test For Sleep Apnea At Home

Facilitating Restful

We understand that adapting to sleep apnea treatment options can be a process, and our aim is to ensure that this journey is as comfortable as can be.
Whether it involves fine-tuning the treatment for optimal results or ensuring that you grasp your progress throughout, our objective is to offer you supportive sleep apnea therapy that brings you closer to experiencing the quality of sleep you've only dreamed of until now.

Unlocking The Secrets To
Optimal Health

Prioritizing Quality Sleep. At Shutize, we understand the vital role that sleep plays in your overall well-being. Our mission is to help you achieve better sleep and, consequently, a healthier life. Join us on this journey towards improved health through restful nights.

Test For Sleep Apnea At Home

Our Mission Is To Enhance Your Sleep Quality

At Shutize, We Are Passionately Committed To Enhancing Your Sleep Quality. With Our State-Of-The-Art Sleep Apnea Test, We Meticulously Analyze Your Sleep Patterns, Enabling Us To Identify And Understand Your Unique Sleep Challenges. We Then Leverage This Information To Offer Highly Personalized Recommendations, Ensuring You Receive The Most Effective Solutions Tailored To Your Individual Needs, So You Can Enjoy The Best Possible Sleep.



you will be asked several questions about your sleep healh and scheduled for a brief consultation with one of our partnered Sleep Specialists. Sure easy process

Home Sleep Testing

Home Sleep Testing

We use one of the smallest and comfortable sleep devices available today. Putting a modern edge on sleep disorder testing


Diagnosis and therapy

The modern sleep technology allows us to streamline a sleep diagnosis which can be finalized by are partner Sleep Specialists for a quick turnaround to you. Leaving sleep therapy only a few days away.


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