Shutize | Take Control of your SLEEP

We started for the sole purpose to help people become the boss of their sleep. We wanted to create a simply process for you to get either a sleep diagnosis or the sleep therapy devices or accessories you may need, without the headache of dealing with health insurance. is one of the fastest growing online home sleep diagnostic and sleep therapy retailers on the web today. We pride ourselves on putting you the Patient first through this entire process. Whether you are new to the world of learning more about your sleep or someone who is a current CPAP user, we are here for you. Sleep is one of the few true mysteries of life, as no one truly knows what is happening while you sleep. SHUTIZE developed a step-by-step process to help uncover that mystery and to help set you up for the sleep therapy you may need. Let’s get you started today.

We do more than just put people to sleep

To us, it is not all about sales and coinage. We are dedicated to helping people sleep better so they can take charge of their lives, realize optimum wellness and become healthier, more productive citizens of society. Our team consists of experienced professionals from different domains, we provide access to some of the best Certified Sleep Specialists that are here to help and support you throughout this process. They can answer questions specific to your sleep concerns or about the home sleep testing, or sleep therapy devices.